What Will Retirement Look Like?

How much do I need for retirement?  How much should I be saving? Will I have enough to be okay?

Our fee-only financial planners will develop a personalized financial plan to help you answer these questions with confidence!

What Is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a holistic approach to help ensure you will have enough money to achieve your financial goals. Additionally, a strong financial plan can prepare you for emergencies and other unforeseen costs that may arise.

What We Do

Our financial planning services cover a variety of financial interests: 

    • Wealth management: Your investments are the backbone of your financial plan. We will develop a plan for how much you should be investing and in which types of investments.
    • Retirement planning: You don’t want to get to the end of your career without enough money to carry you into the future. We can help you determine the lifestyle you want and prepare a plan that will ensure you have enough money to enjoy your retirement.
    • Estate planning: Our financial planners can help ease financial burdens on your loved ones that can arise after you die. Estate planning also helps prepare for any estate tax you may be subject to.
    • Biblically Responsible Investing: Biblically Responsible Investing is an approach to investing your portfolio in a way that is in alignment with Biblical beliefs. As owners of our portfolio’s underlying companies, it is vital that Christians consider not only their rates of return, but also the sources of those returns.
    • Tax planning: Shepherd Wealth Partners will help you create a plan to reduce your income taxes that coordinates with your overall financial plan.  
    • Philanthropic planning: It’s good to give, but giving isn’t always easy. We can help you plan so you can give to the people and causes most important to you while getting the tax benefits you may be eligible for.
    • Planning for education: Would you like to support the educational pursuits of your children or grandchildren? Shepherd can help ensure that you have enough money to secure an education for your loved ones.
    • Insurance planning: Insurance planning is critical to protect against the unexpected and catastrophic events in life. Our fee-only planners won’t sell you any products. We will guide you towards solutions that help take care of you and your loved ones when disasters occur.  

Fee-only Fiduciaries

We are fee-only financial advisors held to a fiduciary standard.  We are passionate about financial planning and helping our clients achieve their financial goals.  To that end, Shepherd offers free websites for our financial planning clients that allow you to track your progress in real time. In fact, you don’t even need to be a client to take advantage of this opportunity. Simply click here to create an account, follow the guided process to enter as much of your information as you want, and you can start tracking your progress today!

Biblical Perspective

Our counsel is rooted in Scripture to align your faith and finances.  We attempt to implement Biblical principles of finance to help you live a life of faithful stewardship.  Our process draws out relevant Biblical principles and how to apply them practically to your situation. 

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