How Much Can I Afford To Give?

At Shepherd, we believe that one of the foundations of the Christian life is to be generous and willing to share. Generosity is not only God’s way of helping others, but it creates a joy in the giver.  It is truly more blessed to give than to receive!

Sometimes it can be scary to give.  How much can I afford to give without jeopardizing my own financial goals?  Can I really afford to tithe? Is it wise to give my money to charities or heirs if I’m not sure how they’ll handle my hard-earned money?

What is Philanthropic Planning?

Philanthropic planning is a way of determining your giving goals and aligning those goals with your overall financial plan. It enables individuals to support the charities they believe in while still achieving their financial goals.

Strategies And Benefits

We are happy to walk you through these giving questions and many others.  We will help you discover the people, charities and causes that you are passionate about. Using those details, we put together a plan to give generously and wisely.

Charitable giving and philanthropic planning can also have a number of financial strategies and benefits, including:

        • Income tax savings
        • Minimization of capital gains
        • Lump giving to take advantage of a higher standard deduction
    • Liquidation of complex assets
    • Multi-generational tax reduction strategies
    • Using IRAs to fund charitable giving through Qualified Charitable Distributions

Our Process

Our philanthropic planning process begins by helping you develop the people, causes and charities you would like to help through giving.  We then help you determine what is the right amount to give and how it will impact your overall financial plan.

We believe that each person should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver (1 Corinthians 9:6-7).  Instead, giving should be done because it is fun, brings joy, and blesses others.

We also will walk you through philanthropic and charitable giving decisions through your estate.  This is the largest bequest most of us will ever make, and it should be done thoughtfully and in prayer.  It is also the biggest opportunity most of us will have to reduce income taxes, in particular for our children and other loved ones.

Ultimately, strategic charitable giving is not a one-time decision, but rather a process that we walk through with our clients throughout the course of their lives.  We aim to help you enjoy your wealth, and to use it to create a legacy of eternal impact!

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