Personalized Action Plan

Do you need a specific action plan for your finances?  We will help you put together a simple step-by-step plan you can start implementing immediately.

Guide for the Journey

Not only will we draw you a plan for the journey, but we get in the boat with you.  With a guide alongside, you will be able to navigate even the toughest obstacles.

Biblical Perspective

Our counsel is rooted in Scripture to align your faith and finances.  We implement Biblical principles of finance to help you live a life of faithful stewardship.

Do You Need Help Managing Your Finances?

Are your investments under-performing?

Do you know how much to be saving?

Do you want to eliminate debt?

Are you paying too much in taxes?

Are fees eroding your performance?

Do you want an advisor with a Biblical worldview?

The Shepherd Experience

Investments and money issues can feel overwhelming and complicated.  Often times too many options and variables can leave us paralyzed.  At SHEPHERD, we can help you overcome these feelings by putting together a customized financial plan.  Whatever your goals might be, we can analyze your situation for strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategy to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.  We handle even the smallest details so you can keep focused on living life.

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Could a lack of a clear plan delay your retirement? 

What are the chances you might outlive your money

What might unfaithful stewardship cost in light of eternity?

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