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Book Review – Managing God’s Money

If anyone is looking for a great read on stewardship – and doesn’t mind being challenged – Randy Alcorn’s Managing God’s Money fits the bill.  This book is different than most of the other Christian money management books I’ve read for two reasons.

The first is that he doesn’t mince words.  Alcorn calls it like it is and will make you wrestle with true issues of stewardship.  The second reason is that he builds the book around the Bible, instead of using Bible verses to support his presuppositions regarding money.  Scripture is the backbone for his arguments, not a support for them.

Managing God’s Money covers many heart issues such as materialism, idolatry and lifestyle, and yet also helps with very practical issues like savings, investing, and estate planning.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

One day, money will be useless.  While it’s still useful, God’s money managers will foresight will use it for eternal good.

Those who hold tightly to the true God will loosen their grip on money – and thereby loosen money’s grip on them.

It’s not how much money we make that grabs hold of our hearts.  It’s how much we keep.

Money is only of temporary value – unless, that is, it’s used and spent and shared and given with a view toward heavenly treasure.

I’d recommend Managing God’s Money to anyone who wants to be grounded in stewardship.  It continues to challenge me and I’m sure it will do the same for you.