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Estate Planning

Great Estate Planning Opportunity

According to recent survey from senior living referral service, there are still only 33% of Americans that have an estate plan in place.  While the fact of death shouldn’t surprise any of us, we generally fail to plan for this certainty.  For most of us, we simply just don’t get around to doing it.  Estate planning falls into the classic “important but not urgent” quadrant of life, and so it gets squeezed out by the more pressing matters such as getting outraged at the news headlines or scrolling through the available streaming movies on Netflix.

But fear not friends, for we’re taking some action to help you get your estate plan into some potentially much needed TLC.  We’ve started a new partnership with MyAdvocate, a team of estate planning attorneys using technology to create affordable, high-quality estate plans and documents.  That’s right, with MyAdvocate, you can get your estate plan updated while wearing your pajamas.  Even better, we can do it together!

If you’re in need of updating (or doing for the first time!) your estate documents, we’d be glad to get together with you, walk through some estate planning questions, and help you get your estate documents quickly and painlessly.  Not only that, but the cost is around 80% less than what it costs to have them drafted in an attorney’s office.  You could choose to do this on your own, but we’d be glad to go through it with you and you can save 20% off the price by using our partner discount.

So if you’ve never had your estate documents drafted, or if it’s been a long time since you’ve reviewed them, this couldn’t be a better time to revisit things.  It’s one of the best things you can do to give your loved ones the peace of mind that things will be taken care of at the end of your life.  As I often say, estate planning isn’t hard – you just have to do it before you die!