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Thoughts Your Advisor Thinks

At the risk of letting you know what a schizophrenic psychopath I am, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know some of the random money-related thoughts that cross my mind. Even as a financial advisor who tries to know a lot of Biblical truth regarding money, I can be very susceptible to lies and just plain foolish thinking. So here is my only slightly edited list of random money thoughts that have crossed my mind lately. Perhaps there are one or two that you can relate to. Not that you would have actually thought any of these, but I’m sure your spouse or good friend has 😉 .

I feel better because my account balance went up yesterday.
Is this the beginning of a big crisis?
Did you see how much my IRA went up last month? I must be some sort of genius.
How do I get my kids to stop being so lazy?
My wife just spent what!?
Maybe I shouldn’t tell her what I just spent on that if she doesn’t ask…
I hope they notice this sweet new jacket I just bought
I wonder if they’ll think I’m crazy for spending so much on this jacket…
I should definitely let them know how much I saved on this jacket so they don’t think I spend that much on things like this
That was really generous of me. I sure feel good about myself.
If I upgrade to that new phone, I’m sure it will pay for itself in how much more productive I will be.
Those bitcoins keep going up in value. Maybe I should put some of my money in cryptocurrencies.
Wow, bitcoins sure are falling in value. I sure am glad I didn’t buy any of those cryptocurrencies.
After spending $100 on a car jack and $20 on nice oil, half of which is covering me and my driveway, and cursing myself for the past 90 minutes, I’m not sure this was a good idea.
I was “this close” to selling a lot of my stocks right before things went south.
I knew I should have bought Wachovia stock at $4/share.
If I can get my income to go up by $x, then I’ll really be in a good spot.
We sure don’t spend much, at least compared to John and Jane.
After spending the past three hours doing research and calling around, I managed to save us $2 every quarter off of our trash bill.
This can’t be right – it says we spent $x at restaurants last month!
I know we don’t have that in the budget, but can we just put that in our “miscellaneous expenses”?
Our spending’s been up the past few months, but I’m pretty sure we don’t have any unexpected expenses on the horizon.
If I made as much as Jim, I would be saving and giving away 1/2 of it.
Why am I still holding onto this lousy investment? Is it getting ready to make a comeback? Maybe I’ll sell it then.
This investment just keeps going up! Maybe I’ll sell it when it hits $x.
That sure would be nice to have.
I need that.
We deserve this.
We definitely don’t deserve this!
At what point should I start to panic about this?
I know God has this under control, there is no need to panic.